winter soon.
2010-10-18 @ 17:27:55
I'm sitting at home now and i'm drinking a hot cocoa. I am ill. The weather is ugly, it's cold and windy. I must do my homework and learn, cause i have two tests tomorrow. Next week i'm going to go on a Kult's concert. See you soon.
my ordinary day
2010-10-17 @ 00:17:35
Today I woke up at 8 o'clock. I had breakfast and I cleaned my flat. Then I had a shower, I played with my dog and I ate dinner-delicious pancakes;) In the afternoon I met with my friends, we were at shopping center and I bought a t-shirt. Later we went to Ann and we watched TV. I went home about 9 o'clock. Now I'm writting and I'm listening to music. I'm not sleepy, but I must go now. See you soon, good night:)
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