'Pocketfull of Sunsets' - story
2011-03-20 @ 15:57:53
Hi everyone =),
My name's Ania and I'm 18. I'm going to write a story called "Pocketfull of Sunsets" about Dana. She's 18 years old. She must move from the big city to the small mountainous village by the lake. Everytime she shows her rebellion. She wags, shies away from new schoolmates and spends all days alone in her room. Also her clothing argues that she protests. On day some mysterious person comes along in Dana's way. Who is it? Will he have any leverage with Dana's change? Let's read and check it out ;) I hope you get to like my story!

Hey, thanks for wishes ;) Nice blog, I'm very interested about Diana's story :))
Thank you ;) I wish you happiness, too ;*

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