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Story of black lotus

Sara was sitting on grassland. She was dreaming. Suddenly she remembered that she had to return home now. She stood up and walked to the west. After a moment she stopped. She smelled something. It was very nice. Next she felt something pulled her into the forest. She couldn’t stop it. She went into the middle of the forest. A few minutes later she saw a lovely flower. It was a black lotus. She was looking at it. It had a rare shape. She sat on the ground and she was repeatedly looking at the black lotus. About an hour later she took it into her hands. Suddenly she closed her eyelids and fell down...
Many years later the girl named Susan lived in a village near this forest. She lived there with her dog called Skipper.
One day Susan and Skipper went on the grassland to play. Susan threw Skipper’s ball and Skipper caught it. She threw the ball again but this time it rolled to the forest.
- Let’s catch it Skipper! - shouted Susan and started to run. Skipper was following her. They found the ball in the middle of the forest. Suddenly Susan felt very strange. She felt some nice smell. She immediately turned back and saw the black lotus. Then she heard a voice. Somebody warned her. First she wasn’t able to understand what the voice said but a few minutes later it became more intelligible. At last she clearly heard what the voice said:
- Be careful, don’t touch the black lotus, be careful, quickly go home!!!
- Who are you? – Said Susan when she heard the voice.
- Be careful, don’t touch the black lotus, be careful, quickly go home!!! – She heard.
- Who are you?! – Susan asked again but she didn’t hear the voice any more.
- Skipper! Come hear doggy! – Shouted Susan but Skipper didn’t come.
- Skipper where are you?! – Called Susan again but nothing happened. Then she turned back and saw Skipper. He lay on the ground. There was the black lotus near his mouth.
- Oh no! -Screamed Susan. She came near Skipper. She wanted to take him home but she couldn’t move him. She started to cry. When she was crying something unusual happened with the black lotus. It changed its colour. It was white. Susan looked at the flower.

- Oh! It’s beautiful now. – She said and took the lotus into her hands but nothing happened. She felt its smell and she heard a sweet strange voice.
- Hello my sister.
- Are you talking to me? – she asked the flower.
- Yes, I’m your older brother!
- But I don’t have a brother. Sorry, I must go.
- No, please! Only you can disenchant me.
- But you enchanted my dog! I can’t help you.
- It wasn’t me. I’m charmed and every one who has touched me is enchanted and dies.
- Who charmed you?
- It’s a very strange story. One day I went for a walk. You were a little kid in those days. I walked near the forest when I heard someone who was calling for help. I started to run because I wanted to help this person. I went to the middle of the forest and then I saw him. It was a man with a long red beard and an uncarefully shaved moustache. He had a woollen coat and a striped scarf. I asked him:
- Did you shout?
- Yes, it was me.
- So, why did you shout?
- It isn’t your bussines.
- Ok. I only wanted to help you.
- Wait, you can help me.
- Yes? How?
- You must come near this river. – Said the strange man and pointed at the river.
- Only that? Don’t you think it’s funny?
- No. Please, do this.
- Ok. – I said and came near the river. Then he pushed me into the water. Next he said something strange and he changed me into the black lotus. He was laughing.
- Now you’re enchanted. Everyone who touches you, will be charmed and die. Only one person can help you now. It’s your younger sister! – He said and went away.
- Now you know all about me. – Her brother said very sadly.
- But why do I know nothing about you?
- I think he enchanted you and our parents and you couldn’t remember me.
- Ok, but how can I disenchant you?
- You must drop me into this river.
- Ok, I’ll do that. – She said and dropped the flower into the river. Suddenly some ghots came from the water. Susan screamed but then she saw her brother. At that moment she remembered all about him.
- Now I remember you, my brother!
- Let’s go home Susan.
- But I don’t remember your name... – Said Susane and looked at her brother.
- My name is Cris.
- Yes! I remember now. We must go to our parents. – She said and she wanted to take Cris’s hand but she couldn’t touch him.
- You can’t touch me, sister. – Said Cris and turned back.
- Why?
- Because I’m dead now.
- What? But you said: if I drop you into the river, you’ll be rescued.
- Yes, but something is wrong. I don’t know whaaa.... – Cris disappeared.
- Cris!? Where are you? – Susan cried. She was alone in this dark forest.
- What should I do now? – She said and sat on the ground. Then she saw a man with a long red beard and an uncarefully shaved moustache. He had a woollen coat and a striped scarf.
- Oh no! It’s you! – Susan said and stood up. She turned back and wanted to run but the man said:
- Wait! Can you help me?
- No, I can’t. – Said Susan because she remembered what happened with her brother.
- Why? Please I need your help, young lady.
- Really? – Susan was thinking about this what happened with her brother.
- Yes, you don’t have to do much.
- Ok. What do I have to do?
- You must come near this river. - Said the strange man and he pointed at the river.
- No! – Shouted Susan and ran away.
- Run away I will find you...
Susan was running but she couldn’t find the exit from the forest. She was very scared and she was thinking about the strange man. Was he following her? She didn’t know that she was running as fast as she could. Suddenly something caught her. It was her dog. She looked at him and took him on her arms. She didn’t know where she was. Then she saw a light and a road.
- Hurray! Skipper we are safe! – She shouted but then she felt that she didn’t have Skipper on her arms. She looked back immediately and she saw the strange man.
- I caught you young lady! – He started to laugh.
- No!!! – cried Susan and she disappered with the strange man...

Do you like it? xD

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