No Name :P
2007-01-10 @ 14:15:31
I'm sitting in the school now. I'm really bored.
I stopped writing my story because I don't have any ideas :/.
I must wait for my brother about an hour :/.
Me and my class are preparing a play about Ciderella. I'm Cinderella's stepmother. It is half good half bad.
This is my gg number ;) 5799171
Kiss for you, bye.

By Kasti
New year
2006-12-31 @ 23:33:41
It's only about 30 minutes to new year ^^.
I think and hope it will a good year. I must go now ;P. Happy new year and big fireworks ;).
Merry Christmas!
2006-12-22 @ 22:35:03
I didn't write anything many days sorry for that :). Only two days... You know what I'm talking about. Yes you guessed about Christmas! I'm helping my mum a lot. I take care of my youngest sister. Why she doesn't want to sleep? I don't know what I can write now... OK I don't have any idea ,so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Kiss for you, bye.

By Kasti
2006-12-11 @ 17:56:39
I will go to the theatre tomorow. I don't like theatre but if we go to the teatre we won't have lessons. cool :D. I have a revison from German language tomorrow. I don't like German language very much. After that I have history I will go to the theatre after History :D. I have only 3 lessons tomorrow so I don't have to learn a lot :). I've already done my homework. I have free time now but I wanted to learn a bit more English :D. See you later.
Kiss for you, bye.

By Kasti
Yes!! :)
2006-12-08 @ 20:47:39
Gues what mark I got from the test. I'll say :) I got 5. Hurray! I wasn't in school today and I must say that I was bored. I was wathing TV and playing WOW and Warcraft :D
Kiss for you, bye.

By Kasti
HeLp :P
2006-12-07 @ 19:24:45
I had a big test from Computer Science today. It was very dificult. I was studying for it about 2 hours. I think I'll get a good mark ;). I won't go to school tomorrow :). Maybe it's not good for my Angel but it's good for me :D (don't be sad honey).
Kiss for you, bye.

By Kasti
2006-12-05 @ 20:05:06
Today I had an English competition. It was for first, second and third class. I'm in first class. I know that I have some mistakes. If I have some time I will add some links and I will be writing my next story.
Write comments, please ;D.
Kiss for you, bye

By Kasti

(I know I'm writing short posts because I sometimes don't have any free time.)
New Story
2006-12-03 @ 11:56:13
I'm working on my new story. I can tell you that it's about guy who was studying medicine. Then he went to Australia and he organized a field hospital. He was helping peoples who was attacked by animals. I think it'll be good story but may you have some good ideas?? ;)
Kiss for you, bye
(I don't know that a field hospital mean szpital polowy)

By Kasti
At last
2006-12-01 @ 21:11:31
It's end of school at last. Two relaxing days. I'll go to the cinema with my angel ;)tomorrow. But there is one bad thing I have to study for test :(.
Kiss for you, bye

By Kasti
I forgot!!!
2006-11-30 @ 20:38:03
Ups! I forgot about thanksgiving day...
So, Happy thanksgiving day :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Thanks for your comments ;)

By Kasti
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