This day:)
2007-09-03 @ 19:16:57
My first day at school was not very bad. I met people from my school and it was very funny:)
Our head-master said" I'm going to tobre into being the new rules in our scholl" It was e.g - We can't wear to school jumper with hood!!For me this is unreasonable!! Every student has this jumper and I don't know what I should to wear. Only sweater!!? Ohh no ,the first day and the first "problem":)
What do You think about school uniform and strange school rules?
Strange day...
2007-08-31 @ 18:40:18
Two days to end.. to end of freedom?? Hmm... All the year I'm free, but the aware my all of duty is horrible!
Yestrday I thought that in this last holiday's Friday I will spend with somebody, but...
I went to hairdresser, so my hair look very good,but anybody see my new look!! Even my boyfriend!!! He is too far, he couldn't see me, he can call me, but this is not same!!!:((
He works at nights, sleeps all day and in the evening goes to work again, he hasn't time , and I still wait:( I'm so sad and unhappy now. I haven't seen him month ehhhh... I need him very much, espacially today on this strange day...
The first blog post:)
2007-08-29 @ 14:34:22
Hmmm... My english is not very good, but I have to try improve it, because in this year I have final exam (in english secondary school certificate?- I don't know) Ohhh no!! This exam is on May!!!! But "big girls don't cry" and I hope everything will be ok:)
So, I think that other people will help me with my english and with my mistakes!
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