2011-07-14 @ 00:42:20
2011-07-14 @ 00:37:57
Hello brothers and sisters! ;)

Uff, as the heat is on the outside. I would like, lastly, to go the swimming pool ;) + enjoy these vacation, because those less than two months will pass quickly.

I present to you a song that I love:

Reggae music is wonderful <3
I'm new ;)
2011-07-10 @ 14:46:55

Something about me:
My name is Kasia and I'm live in Poland. I'm 17 years. I would like well say and write in English - so I set up this blog :) I'm interested in reggae culture, but more on that later ;)

This is my nails - reggae neils:

Bye bye ;*
Bless ya!
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