2011-03-29 @ 18:50:29
One day when I walked in the center of my small town. I saw a man who seemed very suspect. He was wearing a black coat and hat that cover the entire forehead. In his hand was a bag with a very strange objects. I knew that something was wrong. After some time the man turned into a dark alley in which had chosen a beautiful car. It turned out that these strange objects were used to break it to the Toyota plant. When I saw this event very are scared and instinctively I called the police. Unfortunately did not manage to arrive on the scene, and the mysterious Mr. departed with their booty. After a few weeks it appeared that the thief is a friend okradzionego man. A criminal penalty was imposed for making this brutal act.
2011-03-24 @ 10:18:42
Hi ;)
I prefer work in office. I can be safe for my furute. I don't have to worry about tomorrow. I have everything in abundance. I don't live at the parent's expense. I can be independent. I'll have a lot of money. My dream come true. I can go on trip, buy nwe house, car, expensive clothes. I'll work on the computer and have meetings. work in office guarantees me a fixed monthly income. Have a nice day! Bye
2011-03-16 @ 18:41:39
Hi everyone! Hoe are you! Today I was a very stressfull, beacuse Ms. Ciszak gave tests in chemistry.I received 3. I am happy. I thought I get 1. today the weather is dark and gloomy. I want to go to sleep. I am very tired. I went to sleep late. Again I have to learn. Now I go to eat dinner. I am very hungry! I wonder what today provide. Good night!
Hi :)
2011-03-10 @ 16:34:32
Hi ;)
Today is very nice day. Today a well-spent day. I was shopping with my best friend. I bought a shirt. Very hurt my legs. Almost three hours of walking. I know that this is not correct but it explains my uncle. Today I earlier finished lessons. So I'am happy! I'm going home tomorrow. Another reason to rejoice. Tomorrow comes to me my friend. We will have fun. Have a nice day ! Bye ;)
2011-03-07 @ 21:41:07
Hi !
How are You? The earth goes round the sun. Rice doesn't grow in Britain. The sun doesn't rise in the east. Bees make honey. Vgetarians don't eat meat. An atheist doesn't belive in God. it;s a nice day. I suggest we go out for a walk. Look At this sentence.You want to know. You must let me pay for the meal. I won't tell anybody what you said. How often you play tennis? Sorry for mistakes. I don't have a time so i writing fast. Have a nice night! Bye ;)
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