Merry Christmas
2010-12-20 @ 21:09:51
Hi ! Only 4 days to Christmas. ;))
Happy Christmas greetings,
And warmest wishes too,
Here's hoping that
The New Year brings all that's best to you!
Have a wonderful Christmastime made up of these -
Togetherness, sharing, and warm memories!
Here are Special Greetings and Best Wishes too...
May this Coming Year brings happiness to you!
Marry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
2010-12-16 @ 11:19:28
I was trayning capoeira some times ago. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. It was created in Brazil by African slaves by mixing the many fighting styles from many of their tribes, sometime after the sixteenth century. Bye :0
2010-12-12 @ 11:55:28
Hi everyone.
I am writing bla bla. The boy finally came back home, much to the relief of his parents. I've received a wrong certificate. Send me a new one, please. Your eyes are like a daydream. What is the weather like? She still belives in ghosts. I spent holiday splendidly.I don't have much free time. Who's going to have a baby? I'm too lazy to write my homework by myself. End. Bye ;)
Hi :)
2010-12-08 @ 22:09:44
Hello ;)
I'm glad beacuse I have had good grades ;) I should lerning, but I'm very lazyyy. Now I' doing my homewok. Today I have had 8 lessons. Terrible!
I do not know what I should write... Only 2 weeks to Christmas ;) Tomorrow I'll have only 6 lessons so I;m happy. Just 2 days to saturday. I hate monday, tuesday, twednesday, thursday, friday. I like summer and holiday ;) I know there is nothing interesting but I have such a task. Have a nice night. Bye ;)
2010-12-01 @ 22:07:29
Hi ;)
How are you? Now I'm doing my homework from TI. today I had eight lessons. Terrible! I hate physics and chemistry. Tommorow I'll have two tests. I don't like winter beacuse it is very cold and frozeen season. I do not have about to write. My brother has a birthday today. He has fiveteen years old. Have a nice night. Bye ;)
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