2010-10-27 @ 20:18:55
Today was horrible. I am very tired beacuse I sleep a little. And I must go to school tomorrow. Again. That's all already ruining me. Especially what happened on Monday. Teachers think I specifically did not come to school but it's not my fault.It hurts.The worst thing is that I can not talk to my friends because I live in the dormitory.
Have a nice night.
2010-10-18 @ 18:23:36
Hi !!!!!
Today I have only 4 lessons :D
On thursday I was in cinama. Film which I watched it "Eat Pray Love". It was quite interesting. Now, I doing my homework.
Please about correct my mistakes.
Have a nice evening ;)
2010-10-05 @ 20:10:39
So, that's my second post.
I don't know what I should say.I have little time.
Now I'm learnig and doing my homework for TI.
I want to sleep.
Please about correct my mistakes beacuse my english is not good.
Thanks for reading!
Bye ;)

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