2011-05-22 @ 13:23:56
Hi ;) My friend Ania is 25 years old. She is a pretty, slim girl of medium height. Ania has got blond, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, and a round, ruddy face. Ania usually wears a navy-blue skirt and a white blouse, and wears small, silver, daisy-shaped earrings. Ania often smiles and she is very nice. Everybody likes her. My uncle, Klaus, is a tallish man in his mid thirties. He is a bit plump and has got long wavy brown hair. He has a round, friendly - looking face and small brown eyes. He has got a litlle scar on his cheek from an accident he had when he was a child. He wears glasses and has got a beard. He isn’t very smart and tends to wear shabby clothes. Bye ;)

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