Hi ;)
2011-05-29 @ 16:42:52
Hi ;) It was another dull day at school.I was waiting for the class in front of the classroom when suddenly I saw my english teacher run screaming chased by a guy with an axe.Hoping that we could avoid the class I tried to get off his way but unfortunately I tripped over and fell right to his feet.The guy fell down and I accidentally became a hero. Bye ;)
2011-05-22 @ 13:23:56
Hi ;) My friend Ania is 25 years old. She is a pretty, slim girl of medium height. Ania has got blond, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, and a round, ruddy face. Ania usually wears a navy-blue skirt and a white blouse, and wears small, silver, daisy-shaped earrings. Ania often smiles and she is very nice. Everybody likes her. My uncle, Klaus, is a tallish man in his mid thirties. He is a bit plump and has got long wavy brown hair. He has a round, friendly - looking face and small brown eyes. He has got a litlle scar on his cheek from an accident he had when he was a child. He wears glasses and has got a beard. He isn’t very smart and tends to wear shabby clothes. Bye ;)
2011-05-15 @ 18:22:17
Hi ;) Saying 'necessity is the mother of invention' perfectly shows what is the strongest factor contributing to originate inventions.
The most of inventions was originating because people were trying to satisfy their needs, they wanted to make their lives simpliest and more comfortable.At first, as early as the antiquity, people were trying to use natural resources of our planet. For example, they found out stone tools and many other subjects which one was necessary to survive in those times. Over the ages, scientists were inventing or discovering many, many inventions. They are usually extremly necessary and useful like eg. electricity, phones or planes. Bye:)
Finally friday!
2011-05-13 @ 15:48:35
Hi ;) Finally friday! She had finished her homework by the time her mother got home. Cow are as big as horses. seals aren't as smart as dolphins. Aligators are longer than lizards. snakes are more dangerous than spidres. spiders are less dangerous than snakes. Stop crying, she shouted.He muttered something under his nose. After the meal, the child burped. Well, there's nothing we can do about it now, she sighed. The dog always barks at strangers. She whispered something into his ear and he felt asleep.
2011-05-11 @ 17:15:08
Hi :)
Will you bo going to post office? Every saturday I take my dog for a walk. We might only cook for fun in the future. People will work less. We'ii be traveling to other planets. Robots wiil be doing the housework. I like going on holiday alone beacuse I can do whatever I like. More and more children will be using computers in scholls in thirty years time. Enough for today. Have a nice day. Bye ;)
2011-04-29 @ 19:36:53
Hi ;)
New episodes of vampire diaries are more interesting. Every episode is full of action. So much is happening. At the end of today's episode something terrible happened. I feel sorry for Damon. A werewolf bit him. Finally I have a free few days.I could have a long sleep. And I will do anything.Retreat from this school. I wish you a pleasant weekend in May! Bye ;)
2011-04-17 @ 18:48:10
Hi ;) Yesterday I had a good day. I with my friends went for a walk. We reached an interesting place where stream flowed. Then we were at the pond where we saw beautiful swan. The weather was beautiful. We saw anemones.Then we went to the shop to buy lollipops. Then we had the idea what we will do on Ania's birthday. Will be fun. It is only a few days until Easter. Let's enjoy all. Bye ;)
hi ;)
2011-04-08 @ 20:41:41
Hi ;)
Is a new episode of vampire diaries so I'm happy. Probably a lot of things going on. As always. Again I'll sit at home all weekend as the last. Again I sit at home all weekend as the last. the best is that mrs. not ask me again on the chemistry. Again I had to learn from all this. Life is unfair. And again after Sunday is Monday. It's a pity. Already I do not know what I should write more boring than at the beginning. End. Bye ;)
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