help mi!
2007-08-20 @ 15:40:26
I went say something more abaut me. So I'm in the 6 class, and I have 6 with speak english, but I nothing can't, because I'm grind:( I go at high school and there be test and I be must show what I can. It is scarry:( I can't grammar and I very investigate this test, because I must be in the more goods series. Help mi 'infobot', but this don't hel mi. So please you hel mi:*

Thx for a comment :) You have a lot time to improve your english. You have only 13! When I was in your age I had the best marks on english. And in new school I hadn't got any problems in this language. So you haven't got reasons to be afraid. Good luck! :*
If I understand you good You go to grammar school in the next year. It is good that you can speaking English but if you don't grammar simply you should start study it. Maybe 20 minutes for a day. It will be a long time for a month for example. Of course you will learn more when it is important ( for a test at school). Don't worry. You could got to lessons with private teacher or study in private school. You'd better use the internet, ENglish books to learn new words. You can write a blog as well. :-] The good will be songs in English too. maybe you try to translate them. Small steps will be better than for example three hours in one day for a whole week. You do it.
See ya and take care.
Good luke in improving your language
I can only say that you must systematicly learning and revise as much vocabulary as you can over and over again- alo spelling is very important!! When I wrote this test I remember that he mainly consist in your vocabulary knowlage so I can only keep my fingers crossed and GOOD LUCK!!!:-))
Hello! In this blog I haven't got any friend. Are you friends for me? :)

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