Poland-Hungary 3:0, We have OG !
2008-05-24 @ 12:48:19
I'm big fan of our volleybal teams ;]
So I must write this;]
Yesterday men's representation won in 3 sets ;]
I didn't saw this because match was in Polsat Sport Extra and I don't have this channel.
But today at 6 am woman's representation won with Serbia and we are going to Pekin in Olympic Games !!
We wat for this about 40 years ;)
Congratulation for women's and men's representations ;) I'm proud ;]

Today is Eurovision SOng Constent. In final will be Poland ;)
I will be watch this ;] I hope in TOP 10 ;)

Yes I'm also proud with our team althougt I was afraid when they had problems.
Eurovision...yes I wish Isiss the best:)
oh I love watching volleball and playing, too ;]
I hope our team won't let us down.

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