No. ..
2010-10-20 @ 21:35:27
Last post for today. Tomorrow will play with Lech Menchester City. I'm so glad for this match. I hope I did not beat us from 5 to 0 .. It was that my worst nightmare ://
I'm tired
2010-10-20 @ 21:31:08
I'm tired. From the blog somehow goes. But the same eyes, same to me I close. I was able to sleep tonight 9 30 But no.! I had to wake up at 7 20.! Understand 7 20.!
Juhu .!
2010-10-20 @ 21:28:49
Już mam napisane 20 zdań .! Jeszcze z 3 notki i wyjdę na prostą. Cokolwiek to znaczy. Hmm jutro muszę wstać o 5 40. Dlaczego .? Aby zdążyć na poprawe poprawy testu z chemii.
Thinly :(
2010-10-20 @ 21:26:32
What do you think, who writes a chemistry test tomorrow, and information technology.? And to write this text ...
I have no idea at all. I need to write 5 sentences for a week and that it collapsed a little bit I have to write about 30 sentences. A little before me.
Oh yes.!
2010-10-20 @ 21:22:46
I'm sorry, but I will write here about my impressions. Sensations associated with football xD Very nice Lech Poznan qualified (as a champion of Polish) to the European Championship.It's nothing that a few times he lost ... And so he won ... I know a little bit difficult to understand. Even so, I assume that no one else besides me will read this ... Well, at least not in English ;)
My Obsession :)
2010-10-20 @ 21:15:54
My obsession is football. I know it's a bit strange, I'm a girl and I am interested in football. I'm a fan of the good and the bad KKS Lech Poznan. This is my beloved club.! What would I do without it did.?
2010-10-20 @ 21:10:55
I'm Karolina. I am 16 years old and live in Poznan. I'm studying in High School. Believe me ... is hard :) But I'm going to have to deal, right.? I will lead this blog, it might be a lot of fun, maybe...
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