hmm ;?
2010-12-15 @ 20:53:11
The spring the entire country, outside of Hokkaido, is within range of baby Okhotsk. From late February and early March in southern Kyushu, early April in the southern and eastern Honshu, and in mid-May in Hokkaido, Japan is undergoing a period of flowering cherries, plums and cherries.
2010-12-15 @ 20:52:02
In late March, when the weakened Asian higher, wind direction changes, and to Japan started to arrive and warm moist air from the Pacific. This results in considerable variation in climatic conditions north and south of the country. While in the south of the country, on the island of Kyushu and Shikoku on the southern coast, truly spring weather begins early in March, is the highlands of the island of Hokkaido have to wait until the end of April to the last snow melted.
A short poem, that is to say Merry Christmas
2010-12-13 @ 19:49:11
Happy eggs, Ojj is not the story. Sorry mistake was to be a Christmas tree.! = D Merry Christmas ... Although not yet the time. I can not wait ... I will have free from school.! Just like everyone else (they too are happy) And you wonder to them.? Hahaha ....
O I know what I write.! Now, on Thursday Lech game away from Salzburg.! Beat them like nothing = D
2010-12-13 @ 19:44:03
I'm curious whether this week is heavy not only for me ... I do not have to force anything. And certainly not to write this blog = / I wonder what I get for him. I suspect that one. In the best case, two. And the best part is that I will improve the first test in chemistry was the third time. They say third time lucky, so why not.?
Number 6
2010-12-11 @ 00:08:52
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
He's the Arrancar Sexto (6) Espada in Aizen's Sōsuke army ..
For the first time after returning from the World Human Ulquiorry. Then, without a permit goes with his Fracción to the world of the living. There he fights Ichigo Kurosaki, but is stopped by Kaname Tōsena. Through it loses its rank in Espadzie. During the mission to capture Orihime, once again struggling with Kurosaki. The final battle took place during the invasion of Hueco Mundo.
bleach chapter in hell
2010-12-11 @ 00:05:49
Shinigami begin to disappear in a strange way. Rukia has discovered that behind this Shrieker who allegedly escaped from Hell. Szayel Aporro and Aaroniero land in unfamiliar spot. They start to argue, but interrupts them Shuren, who says that they are in Hell. Both Resurrección release. Szayel Gran Rey Cero attacks, but it brings results. Shuren sees Ichigo in the heat lamp in a Vasto Lorde, and says it will bring him here, downstairs.
I want to ... sleep ;))
2010-12-08 @ 19:18:46
I do not know who else like me is producing to write this blog. I do not know what you can write something on this.? In general, I have no idea on lyrics ... And was not enough time ... ojoj. I eat a banana with Sarah; pp You from her greetings. I DO NOT WANT TO SCHOOL TOMORROW.! I just want one ... I want to ... I want to ... sleep;)) Who wants to sleep on top of his hand.! But the forest of hands.! People Explain yourself and read my entries, you will not regret; **
Yeah .!
2010-12-08 @ 19:08:43
O Yeah .! Zgadnijcie kto dostał dzisiaj cztery dwóje .? I to trzy z matematyki xd I do tego chemia. Właśnie siedze z moją kumpelą, ona drabia lekcje a ja się bawie w gimpie :) I tak nikt tego nie czyta więc mogę pisać co chce ;]
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