Sea turtles :)
2009-12-14 @ 21:32:21
Sea Turtles inhabit all the world's oceans except the Arctic.

A Green turtle breaks the surface to breathe.]]Sea turtles are almost always submerged in water, and therefore have developed an anaerobic system of respiration. Although all sea turtles may breathe, under dire circumstances they may divert to anaerobic respiration for long periods of time. When oxygen is present, a sea turtle, with a single explosive exhalation and rapid inhalation, can quickly refill their lungs when they surface. Their large lungs have adapted to permit rapid exchange of oxygen and to avoid trapping gases during deep dives.
Sea turtles possess a salt excretory gland at the corner of the eye, in the nostrils, or in the tongue, depending upon the species, chelonian salt glands are found in the corner of the eyes in leatherback turtles. Due to the iso-osmotic makeup of jellyfish and the other gelatinous prey upon which sea turtles subsist, sea turtle diets are high in salt; chelonian salt gland excretions are almost entirely composed of sodium chloride1500-1800 mosmoll-1 . they are green and sometimes purple with purple and pink like a rainbow.

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