My favourite club
2011-01-16 @ 16:54:42
Today I want write about my favourite football club. It's Lech Poznań. I'll wirite about Semir Stilić. He was born in Bosnia. Currently he plays for Lech Poznań. Štilić began his playing career with FK Željezničar in 2005. He signed a 4-year long contract with Polish Ekstraklasa club Lech Poznań on 11 June 2008.
2011-01-11 @ 18:47:06
Today is 11th January and I late with my New Year wishes but I want wish You all the best, dreams come true, good marks in school and health. ;)
2010-12-15 @ 20:40:59
Today, it was very difficult and hard day. I had Physik exam and now I know - 5-. I'm so glad. Tommorow next part of exam - TI.
2010-12-12 @ 14:44:21
I was ill and tommorow I'll come back to school. Biology and German exams wait for me ;(. I have three outstanding exams: Physic, History and Informatic Technology. I think next week will be very hard. But after next weekend ;) it's Christmas. :)))
Yesterday match
2010-11-30 @ 15:40:22
Yesterday, I watched football match. It was Grand Derbi. I was on side of Barcelona. I can't belive my eyes when I saw score. Barca won 5-0. I didn't think that Real Madrit can lose in this very important match this score. I bet 2-0 for Barcelona. Now I think Barca is the best club in the world and they'll be a Spanish Champion.
Hello !!!
2010-11-28 @ 21:38:12
Today is Sunday - last day of weekend. Tommorow will be start hard week - Polish and Geography exams. I hope it'll be easy. What about weekend, Saturday I spent at home, Sunday too ;). I didn.t feel good but today's afternoon I met with my friend and we played PlayStaion
Do you have animals??
2010-11-24 @ 20:19:41
Yes, I have an animal. It,s a cat. She names Rysia and she is four years old. She is really lazy and all the time she sleep. But in the evening she goes out from house and I suppost she hunts. Sometimes next to the door lie died mouse or birds. How about your animals ??
How was your weekend ??
2010-11-21 @ 20:20:44
Last weekend I spent at home ;( I was ill. Fortunately today I feel better and I played basket with Simon (my tdf - the best friend). Generaly I learned on maths exam. I hope it'll be easier than last exam. My note:2 ;(
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