such a beautiful day
2007-04-06 @ 19:30:14
So today is my second day of writing English blog:) But it isn't the reason of my happiness. Today I made my first cake! And it's really tasty :) I think so:)
OK. Now I really don't know what to write..
If someone want to read my polish blog here is link:
2007-04-05 @ 15:29:10
Hello! I'm Caroline and I'm 18. I've learnt English for about 12 years, so I decided to write English blog. I think I'm crazy doing this but it isn't the only crazy thing in my life:)
I like driving my motorbike and playing in the theater..I'm some kind of actress;)
I've got a beauty doggy-KAMA.
So...this is all...Bye!
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