I'm happy!
2007-03-06 @ 20:06:20
I'm happy but I don't think why. I sing a song and I don't worry. I don't study much and I am very nice. I think I am pretty :D
I play cool.
Today I've got two test - with Music and WOS. I some crib with my friend.
Tomorrow I going to Jasło. I'm happy with this too. I going to meet my friend.
Today is very heat and sunny. I like this weather.
Lately I dream. In this were green newcomer with cosmos and big spiders. Horrible!

I've you see my error, write to me. Thanks!
Hello people!
2007-03-01 @ 15:24:27
I'm ill! Horrible. I don't going to school this week and last Friday. I'm angry becouse on Friday was two dance (Andrew's dance and company dance). I'm not going to next dance ( on Friday too) becouse I'm ill still. At school I arrear.
My sister is ill too but she more afflicted.
Yesterday I was program to my sister (becouse she bore). In my program were some competition. Premium in this were: toilets papper, wipe, two pasters, porcelines cow and pencil.
My sister and her teddy bears were angry and resentful. They wasn't speaking to me for some hours.

My life
2007-02-21 @ 15:17:17
I had got school promenade. It's greate! My friend dance with me and music is cool. I had got stilleto and my leg is ail. Now it is very rawness and heavy. I don't like stilleto, but I thounght I like this shoes, becouse I dance on stilleto on every Friday for 1,5 hour. But this sociable dance I wear normal shoes.
I doing to Andrew's dance too. This is modern dance. I like this. This is expensive.
Tomorrow I going to theatre for "Pan Tadeusz". That's musical. I think that;s boring.
On Saturday mayby my friends with Jasło come to me. I invite!
my life - mt dream
2007-02-05 @ 20:18:03
mayby I love you
mayby I miss you
mayby I hate you
And you?
Prabably you don't know me

I hate this day. I am very moody today. Tomorrow i've dot 2 tests - with Phisycs and Biology. I must learn this subject becouse I like good rating. I hate Phisycs and I don't understand this subject.
I speak anglisch a little
2007-02-03 @ 11:16:26
I don't speak anglisch good. Please, help me in promises and write my error in comentary.
This is my first blog in anglisch. I've got some blog in polisch. Last polisch blog is www.kamulka14.mylog.pl. I call you!
I speak deutsch a little too. But I am better in anglisch. Salute!(czy to znaczy pozdrawiać?)
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