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This is about the distant past.

I was doing a certain kind of exeriment ...


The core of the experiment was a part of my own body.

There is no need for that kind of experiment ...

What does it do for us.

For maxind?

On our abnormal ablity to resurrect ourselves,

And how to stop it.

Like the bottom of the sea - anotherexperiment by the name of ... kaname.

Super hit!! A floody legend the climax of the ancestor`s memory !!

The latest Graphic novei, volue 12, and the first art book have gotten a great response and are now on sale !!


We don`t want to give them needless fear ...

We don`t plan to come into contact with humans for any reason other than necessary.

They neeed it even less.

Why Mankind?

Perhaps the only thing than can kill us is ourselves.

After numerous experiments i had finally found one possiblity.


A spedific part of the flesh and blood of our own body can alter the metalic soup -

3. This is all i have for the moment, but you can see some progress ...

Some of our comraden are mischievously increasing their number of serwants.

I have a bad feeling about this.



Ahhh! Return my daughter to me!!



I did not wish for than woman`s sacrifice in the least.

That was what i had intended to do myself.

That woman ...

She threw her own heart into the blast furnace.

Even then she moved about without concern and went around handing her blood to us.

I dont know much about you guys, but

Weren`t you supposed to be a monster that`s incapable of dying no matter what happend?


That is why, kaname

I can not forgive

The person who forgot his purpose in life and played with those weak , yet strong, lives

That instinctively continued to hope.

There is no way i could silently keep watching.

8. I was supposed to do it myself.


I who had no intention of getting attached to myself or antything at all...

- But the time spent witch that woman ...

I understand a little more about you now.



I Also

Like humans.

Lord! Lord!

We are afraid of you monsters!

Why was i born this way?
For what reason have I ...

How many times have you thought about this?
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