Next death in my live.
2006-12-13 @ 20:00:02
I am siting here uneasy and I thinking about Her. About Her poker-face, about her heart as hard as stone. Why did she agree to take him with yourself? Why did She give him a hand?

Next death in my live. I can’t belive in this and I don’t understand this.... This boy was so young... So young to death. He was younger than me about 2 years. He had only 18 years, and he had still all life.

Today was sad day. I have been thinking about death since yesterday. These all are incomprehensible for me. I don’t understand, why people choose this stupid way.

How much determination people must have for this move? Why do they give up? Why did they do this step? One step too much....

I think Death didn't give him a hand. He had touched her. Nevermind.
This is a metaphor
I know. I am not stiupid.
I didn't say this.

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