Contemporary day in school
2010-01-13 @ 19:06:34
Contemporary day in school was very boring and depressing. I had 6 lessons and all was very depressing. This school makes depress me:). I don't like this school. After lessons I had a mathematic additional lesson. After school I came back to home and I bought a thing which I needed.
My future and my job
2010-01-11 @ 22:11:40
My future.
In future I'm going to be a programmer games. This job maybe is not hard for you, but really this profession consist of many science (mathematic, physics, algorithms, graphics etc.). Maybe I will be doing this, but this is hard way.In this job english is very important, so I'm writting in this forum to upgrade my english skills.
Maybe someone have similar interests and need talk about it with me ?

See you.
Healthy food.
2010-01-08 @ 18:43:00
Now I tell you about healthy food. We have to eat healthy food, this is very important for out health. We must eat food which contain vitamins, and much fruits. If we want to be fit, we must eat much products which contain egg white, carbohydrates and some fats. If we eat this and do a some training, we'll fit.

See you.
Protect the environment !!
2010-01-04 @ 21:08:27
I'd like encourage people to protect environment.
We should ....or strongly we have to protect environment!!! The first reason that is : in future we can die with our rubbish. On rubbish tip we can find to much rubbish, and someone day maybe will not place on new rubbish. What we can do ? We should segregate rubbish before dump to basket. Glass or other product can be processed many times. I plese you, dump glass to container on glass etc. Other problem is, that if we still contaminate environment, we can kill animal. Did you ever think about animals? I think, no!!

I please you, you must better protect our environment.
Back to school:(
2010-01-03 @ 21:23:06
Christmes time is ended :( and we have to back to school :(. Tommorow my lesson start at 7:10 am :(. It is very early. I hate wake up early. I have 8 lessons, but I'm happy becouse I have 2 wf tommorow:). All good things must be end sometime.
Now we must wait for winter time...:). (In district mazowieckie this is 4 weeks). I must go sleep to wake up early. I wish you sweet asleeps.

See you.
Second day in 2010 :)
2010-01-02 @ 23:51:16
This day was hard...:). In the morning I went with my mother to supermarket to buy eating for dinner. Next I was doing a trial sesion to prepare for Olympics Informatics. Finally I went to my grandmother at dinner. Now I ended bath and I going to go sleep.

See you.
First note in 2010 year:)
2010-01-01 @ 15:50:29
Hello everydoby. I writting my first note in 2010 years. Fantastic feeling..:). So I wish everybody happy new year, any health, and meet your dreams. My party ended at 2 am.
I have such step to do in new year :
1. Get to final Olympics Informatics.
2. Meet my drams.
3. Meet fantastic girlfriends.
4. And... this is my secret.:)

Happy New Year once again !!!

See you.
New Year Eve
2009-12-31 @ 19:23:33
I wish happy new year for all users:). In the end I go to my friend to ... gay party....:)grrr. I again wish you happy new your. Maybe you will be glad your party.

See you
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