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2007-03-28 @ 20:20:26
Hi! I'm Karolina.
I'm trirteen and I'm in first class.
My favourite lesson is physics(good?), german (because alvays is very funny =)) and of course english.
I like Avril Lavigne. My favourite songs are Girlfriend, He wasnt and sk8er boy. Do you like it?
I like horse riding and reading books too.
My favourite are teens books: Diary princess, The mediator and Sisterhood of the travelling books. Do you know this books? Which books do you like?
On this blog I will write about my live.
Bye, bye!

hi karolina:) you visit my blog so i came visit yours:) well,i'm 21, i'm living in irleand and i'm working like a bartender in very nice club:) i realy like my job! there is so much fun bahinde a bar:) you know at school teaching as a lot of words witch one english people never use! so if you have some question let me know! http://www.blog.e-ang.pl/agneis
You know who I am so I won't write you about me. But other people maybe want to know - I'm too 13 years old, I'm from Poland and I live in Kraków. I'm Karolina's friend and I like reading books, ruunning and horses(I can a bit horse riding and we were two times on horse camp):)
First isn't good...maybe u mean physical education (PE)..? other I think is fine .:)

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