The Weather
2009-09-15 @ 11:32:52
I'm so happy that September is so nice. I have to spend a lot of time outside and the temperature is just for me. But I afraid of the winter. This season is not for me!
My Decision
2009-06-19 @ 20:41:07
A few months ago I decided to write this blog and of course write very often. My life is usually different from my decisions: I'm too tired to write or I don't know what to write. It was easy to predict it a few months ago.
2009-05-23 @ 16:46:13
I love books. I always wanted to work at library and I don't know why I don't. I love books but I've got two problems with them: I haven't enough time to read and I haven't enough place to keep them. I know - libraries, but for me books are just like precious stones. My books are more important then my jewelery. But how find aplace for them?
The old friend
2009-04-20 @ 18:55:59
On Saturday I met my old friend. We were in the same class for primary and secondary school. I haven't seen him for a very long time. We walked and talked and talked and talked. We mentioned all funny situations from school times. It was very relaxing. It's good to have such friends.
A harp
2009-04-01 @ 10:48:27
Have you ever heard a harp? But not on TV, on live. I haven't, but I would like to. It could be a very interesting experience: how does it sound and what are harp's possibilities? I think it's difficult to find a job as a harpist because there aren't too many places to work.
This instrument looks like made especially for women but maybe there are also harpers in Poland.
If you could get one more talen for yourself,
2009-03-20 @ 10:13:08
what would it be?
I have thought about it for a few days and I haven't found such a skill. It could be nice to learn languages quickly or have a good voice. But maybe for me the best would be more artistic look for my life.
Is it possible to have too much money?
2009-03-17 @ 08:06:13
I can't imagine s situation that I have too much money because I have too little money. And I think I will always find a thing to buy or a place to visit. But maybe people who have realy a loooooooot of money feel that they don't need them. Of course we can help other people but we can always do it. It doesn't depend of our wealth.
I need a holiday
2009-02-27 @ 07:28:46
I would like to have a winter holiday. I dream about it. I have to rest: I sleep too litle, eat too fast and irredularly. Maybe summer holiday will be for me? :))
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