2011-11-07 @ 14:06:09
hi! today i want to describe you how much contemporary is problem people gossiping. a few days ago i experienced how this is painful... of course it's not first accident when someone say something about me... but this i survived hardest.
why people do that? i think that people who like slander about another people have a very boring life... they do that, because want to forget about they troble? or what? God... i feel sorry for them. really!

Peace to all who HATE GOSSIP!

Hello, I hate people who gossip. This behavior is not fair. I don't know why people do that. Maybe with envy. The worst if somebody pretend your friend but when you are not together this person can disclose your secrets to other people. Sometime people who like to color reality can add a lot of false information . After sometime you find out about it and you are shocked! It's awful, and it's may be dangerous for psychical condition the victim.
I hate two-faced people, and when I realize that my aquaintance or friends are not fair finish our knowledge. Unfortunately sometimes is to late...

I agree with you girls. I also hate people who gossip. I think that the best protect from them is just not sharing our private lives. I know sometimes it`s hard to do because, for example: we don`t know sb too well, but we always can keep some distance. I`m teaching this all the time. To not trust new meeting people too much.

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