hello, hello xD
2009-06-28 @ 22:24:27
Okay... This guy have not called me yet. I try to don't mind. *The process of forgetting*

What else happened in my life? Nothing. I'm bored. I'm trying to find a job for these 3 weeks before I go to ''Krakow'' :D I'll spend 2 weeks there. Then I wanna go to the beach so I have to earn some money.

I have a job - I'm a babysitter but It's not enough - we have a holidays so parents want to spend much time with their children and nanny is not necessary so much.

Oh! I'm reading a book - Paulo Coehlo "Zahir" - This is really good! And Agata Christie's books are really interesting too! I recomended it! Now I have a time to read books that I always wanted to read :D


exactly!!! I have time for reading too and I really like it. Finally I can choose the book which I read, not school! ;D
I like Paulo Coelho's books too. they're are very interesting.

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