My best friend is waiting for me :P
2008-06-30 @ 23:18:58
I'm so happy :) On Wednesday I'll go to my best friend - B. :) I didn't see her from last holioday because she lives very far than me (approximately 230km):( We only can see each other in vacation. But now It doesn't matter. I'm happy so I don't want to think about anythink bad :)

You know... We are friens for 10 years :) But we know each other hmm... I don't remember :P I think ... for 12-13 years :D When I was 3-4 I musted (?musted?) to move from B.P to G and we met each other beacuse our parents know each other.
But when I was 12 and I left my parents I must to move from G. to W. and we can't see each other every day :(

O God. I don't know what I wrote here. I hope you understand but I don't think so :P

Great that this friendship survived:)
Yeah friend is one of the most important person:)
musted? I think that u wanted to say "I must have moved" ;) (modal verbs never change their form) But here its good to use "had to" because u should use "have to" when something doesn't depend on u. So: "I had to move out."

But its good that this friendship last. I have had friend far away from me and this friendship didnt last.
So maybe it wasnt friendship. who knows.

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