The End
2008-06-16 @ 17:17:02
At last school is over :)

Almost :)

I wanted to go to my school because I think I will be happy. But now I want to come back to my earlier school. I don't know why. Just like that.

Sometimes I think I don't like this school because my Mathematics teacher is weird. She can't teach me anything. I like Maths and I had 5 for first semester and now I have 4. But It doesn't matter. In my earlier school I had 5 and I was happy because I knew that I understand this subject. In this school I had 5 and now I have 4 but I don't understand anything ;/ It's terrible because it is my favourite subject and I want to be good.

Ech... I hope you understand. Whatever.

PS: Thanks everybody for comments.

4 is not bad mark.
i also like maths but sometimes its difficult.
maybe u have section which u dont like and u think that u cant understand. or maybe its a higher level.. so u must study more to make your maths perfect :) Practice makes perfect.
and i know that teacher have an big effect on students and if teacher is bad he will learn badly...

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