2009-09-01 @ 00:41:50
Boom! How have You been?

Today is beggining of the new year in shool - in this year I have matura exam. I'm scared!

I've just written a song for my best friend for her birthdays - 18. I hope she will like it ^,^ I'm thinking about present for her. What can I buy? What would she like? *thinking*

On December I will have my sweet eighteen ^_^' I told my grandmother that I wanna microphone cake :D She was in shock ^^ I'll project it by myself xD I can't wait!

I'm going to bed - I don't wanna fall asleep on the first day of school :D
Boys before flowers
2009-07-15 @ 00:14:00
How are you doing?

I was watching a korean drama "Boys Before Flowers" and yesterday I finished it. This series was really good but there was some small things that I didn't like. I watched japanese and taiwanese version of this drama earlier. I really like it. And I started to watching anime a few months ago but It's old and hard to watch.
I recommend this drama, manga and anime! It's really worth to watch! I love it!! :)

Oh! Kim Bum is so cute! All of F4's guys are cute!

On Sunday I'm going to Krakow so I will dissapear for 2 weeks :) I need it. I'm going on a camp alone so I can think about my future a little by myself :)

So, have a nice holidays! ^^
hello, hello xD
2009-06-28 @ 22:24:27
Okay... This guy have not called me yet. I try to don't mind. *The process of forgetting*

What else happened in my life? Nothing. I'm bored. I'm trying to find a job for these 3 weeks before I go to ''Krakow'' :D I'll spend 2 weeks there. Then I wanna go to the beach so I have to earn some money.

I have a job - I'm a babysitter but It's not enough - we have a holidays so parents want to spend much time with their children and nanny is not necessary so much.

Oh! I'm reading a book - Paulo Coehlo "Zahir" - This is really good! And Agata Christie's books are really interesting too! I recomended it! Now I have a time to read books that I always wanted to read :D

2009-06-26 @ 17:25:54
I don't believe it! Michael Jackson is dead! It can't be true! I liked his music so much!! My dream was to go to his concert and now... :(

I don't believe that I won't hear him or I won't see him... I don't believe it!

What about sunrise?
What about rain?
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain?
What about killing fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine...?
Did you ever start to notice
All the blood we've shered before?
Did you ever start to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

  • Michael Jackson
  • [*]
    2009-06-17 @ 23:48:44
    Okay... I was happy but now I'm not.
    Why? Because I thought that everything is ok and we will meet today but we didn't.
    Why? Because he told me that he doesn't have a time.
    Why? I don't know.

    Yesterday he asked me to meet and today when we were about to meet he told me that he can't.

    Maybe he had a reason and really didn't have a time but I don't like when somebody doesn't answer when I'm calling or when somebody cancels a meeting and this person doesn't give me any reasons or explanations.
    2009-06-16 @ 17:38:26
    O God. He called me today and we're going to meet tomorrow so I think that everything is okay, right? :) I'm so happy!
    2009-06-09 @ 15:03:23
    Okay... I sent sms to this boy yesterday but he didn't answer me. I think he doesn't care about me anymore :( I just asked him something like "What's up?". He always answered me! :( I'm so sad now!
    2009-06-07 @ 22:02:25
    Boys... I don't understand them!

    I like somebody. I met him once on Saturday (not yesterday but 30.05) and I was thinking that everything is okay. But now, I don't know. He sent me some notes for my exam on Monday and then... silence... he didn't call me and didn't write to me. I don't know what's going on.

    I really like him and I don't know if I should call him or not. We met each other in school on April. But he doesn't go to school anymore 'cause he had 'matura exam' and now he doesn't have lessons. It's me who called him and asked if he has a time to meet. But he was really nice and told me ''sure'' and when we met he was nice too. He's really sympathetic guy, almost perfect.

    God... What should I do? :(
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