2006-07-21 @ 22:01:15
In the last note i promised you wirte something about my friends.
I've got 2 the best friends..
Justyna and Dominik..

I was going to primery school with them.

Justyna is very curious person.
She loves reagge music and plays on guitar.
Justyna is very talented,She draws beutifull.

Dominik loves Madonna:D
She is Him obsession..
He of course loves her music,and I think is her the biggest fan:D...

Ok..I have to go..
Tommorrow I'm going to go on holiday...
I'll come back for 2 weeks:))


my music
2006-07-03 @ 23:05:06
Today I write something about my favourite band's....
I think everybody know this band.At least everybody know Kurt Cobain-The leader of nirvana:))He was born in 1967 in Aberdeen.He had very dificullt childhood.When he was eight,his parents divorced..Kurt was very talented child.He drew beautiful,and in the next time played on Percussion.
Nirvana were playing only 5 years."Smells like teen spirit" is one of the most popular song of the world(Hello,hello,hello,hello,how low?You know it:D)...
Today i write only about nirvana,because i have not enough time:)),but i like also:Hole,Sex Pistols,Alice In Chains,The Pixies,Metallica,Mudhoney,Meat Puppets,Aerosmith,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Pidżama Porno,Hey,Włochaty,Strachy na Lachy:))...
Tommorrow i will write something about my friend's
2006-07-02 @ 18:16:41
Finally We have holiday:))
Today i drew psychodelic picture(:D I Like it),and I was with my brother in the City Centre:))...
I think it was really funny:D My brother is Crazy:))
I have to go,unfortunately(oh...parents:D)
Thx for comment:))
First post...
2006-06-16 @ 13:04:54
Today in Wrocław ist beautiful weather.
Im planning to spend a lot of time in the city.I have to buy present for my friend,because She has birthaday tomorrow.
I will write something later:))
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