My second day in school.
2006-09-07 @ 21:43:28
ohhh... I don't relly like my school. Why? I am in school with only girls. This isn't big problem but one with milions. I have ... english teacher. In this year she teach me english ald religion. It's terible!!! I will meet with she nearly each day!!! I'm living in Ireland and I haven't got many friends because I can't speak in english very good. In this year come to my class other polish girl. I' m lucky. Hmmm... maybye school isn't very bad beacuse I saw him. When I driving to school I meet one boy. I don't know his name and I don't nothing about him. But I like him. :)
For start school I wish lucky for everyone!!! :):):)

oh, so you live in Ireland?
How is it? Are those people mean as they are considered?
I hope you'll find your kindered soul. Don't give up and enjoy - Ireland - beautiful place.
I wish you strong will and luck too. :D
First steps are always very hard ! Don't give up !
Oh my Gog! Only girls... It must be terrible:D Maybe your parents want you to be a nun:D
Oh... don't worry - that schools aren't so bad. ;) Sometimes they're better than different.
English 879 Ucz się z Programem do Języka angielskiego...
English 879 Ucz się z Programem do Języka angielskiego...

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