Plans on holiday. :)
2008-06-25 @ 13:27:32
Hi everyone! :)
It's terrible, because I woke up about 10 minutes ago at 1 P.M. So that looks my holidays... but don't think that I'm lazy - just I need sleep. xD
However, I have many (at least in my opinion) interesting plans on holiday. On this week I rest, because have to prepare for holiday school of English, because I'm going to go for holiday course with Callan's Method. I'm crazy, know that (everybody said that) but it's important for me to learn English and be better at. (dobrze to napisałem? xP)
Next my crazy plan is going to school of dance calls "Śląska Szkoła Tańca" because I'd like to learn social dance and train hip-hop. ;)

Besides that in August I'm going to Croatia for language course. So, you see that my holiday won't be lazy and think, I'll have a good time. Especially when I'll go for some party.

See u!

You're lucker! My holidays arn't so interestig like yours:( I also want go to dance school but in place where I live isn't any one:(
Also I can't sleep as lond as you...I wake up at 8 am and I can't long...I don't know why. However I wish you the best holidays:)
I wok up almost at 12 a.m.... but this is because I got back home about at 4 o'clock a.m. ;p
but it's important for me to learn English and be better at it - raczej ;)
nice plans. Good-luck. I've learned some social dances but I liked only rock. I prefer different kinds of dance... hip hop dance looks really OK but I've never tried it ;p
Wow! Your plans are very ambitious! Dancing..mmm... very great idea... hip hop- I'm admire you!!
I will drive on holidays a trip abroad, but on several days... When I will return I don't know what I be it made... Maybe I will meet my friends...

I woke up at 9-10:):):)
I live on Silesia:):):)

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