First note, so that is start.
2008-06-23 @ 17:47:40
Hi everyone! :)
It's my first note here so I hope you'll be understanding, because my English isn't good. Of course I apologize for ever mistake in my posts. So... get ready, take a deep breath and start! :)

My name is... One moment - my name is really boring and stupid so because of that, will be better, if you'll call me flu (by the way, I'm a man so don't mistake me for some girl). ;)
I’m peaceful and young boy who wants to find a place on this world – just like everyone.
On my top list of things which I like are humanities, art and polish. Besides that I really like dancing, especially hip-hop and in addition, I’m going to go for classes of social dance.
In future, I’d like to be a fashion designer and as extra job - work in some charitable institution. Of course it is my dream and it probably won't come true.

Have a nice day! :)

Hi :)

Hmm... Nice to meet you? ;)

Your English is good.
Dont think that your dreams wont come true because it really wont. Always think positive. That gives a power :)
@Justme you also. :)

Thanks, but I'm really strict towards myself. :)
And my dreams... I think everything is possible, but in my case - impossible.

Thanks for comments! :)
follow your dreams:) gooodluck!

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