Warsaw is amazing
2007-04-05 @ 15:45:30
The school trip is over. It's sad because I enjoyed sightseeing of Warsaw very much. We have visited many interesting places like the Palace of Culture and Science, The House of Parliament,The Royal Park of Lazienki, The Palace in Lazienki, The Great Castle, Powazki Cementary and Wilanow... The most I enjoy sightseing of The Palace of Culture and Science and The House of Parliament. The view from the Palace of Culture and Science was awsome and exciting.Its weird because I am not interested in politics..
The youth hostel was really good. The rooms were very comfortable and nice. I lived with my closest friend (Edyta, Agnieszka and Justyna). We had fun especially in nights. Thats why we are still tired and sleepy. The worst thing was our guides. They were boring and none listened to them. Ashame!
We got one hour off in the Old Town. We could buy some souvenirs or food. Its ashame. We didnt find any cool restaurants to eat fast food. There is only Pizza Hut which is not enjoyed by us and many expensive, exclusive restaurants. I wanted to buy sunglasses also but there are any shops with them. If we got time off somewhere diffrent, I could buy them.
Despite of these disadvantages Warsaw is very modern and beautiful...
Warsaw is more beautiful than my town but Toronto is the most beautiful. I wish I lived in Toronto right now.
I will take your hand when it gets cold
2007-04-01 @ 15:47:10
Good afternoon my Dairy,
I would like you to be my best friend. I hope you will listen to me when I talk about my problems, my sadness, my happiness.. Its hard to live without someone who could hug and listen.. I have lost my one-year-younger brother in December `06. He was my best friend and my best brother. When I came home from the dormintory, we had always talked about school, funny things that happened to us and other things. I miss him so very much.Everything is so empty without him. I have many friends but none of them can talk to me about these feelings. I feel so lonely when I am home. I feel like I have no friends who can understand me. If friend cant understand you, he cant be your friend. Do i have no friends? Anyway, You will be my new friend. I hope, you agree to listen to me...
I am going to Warsaw for three days with my crazy classmates. We are going to visit many famous and interesting places in the capital. And we are going to spend some time with ourselves. I hope, it will be a good school trip. I am afraid of my leg. I had an operation two months ago because my knee ligments were broken. I was in cast for four weeks. Luckily, everything is ok. My leg gets much better. I have rehabilitation and massages in the hosiptal. It helps my leg to get better. I hope I will dance again very soon. I love dancing. Its my passion... same like English language. Although I am not as good at English, I enjoy learning it. One day, I will speak English perfectly.

Will you do me a favour? If you see any mistakes, could you correct them for me? Then, I won`t make the same mistake twice. :)
I wish you a nice day. Take care of yourself my new friend...

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