Warsaw is amazing
2007-04-05 @ 15:45:30
The school trip is over. It's sad because I enjoyed sightseeing of Warsaw very much. We have visited many interesting places like the Palace of Culture and Science, The House of Parliament,The Royal Park of Lazienki, The Palace in Lazienki, The Great Castle, Powazki Cementary and Wilanow... The most I enjoy sightseing of The Palace of Culture and Science and The House of Parliament. The view from the Palace of Culture and Science was awsome and exciting.Its weird because I am not interested in politics..
The youth hostel was really good. The rooms were very comfortable and nice. I lived with my closest friend (Edyta, Agnieszka and Justyna). We had fun especially in nights. Thats why we are still tired and sleepy. The worst thing was our guides. They were boring and none listened to them. Ashame!
We got one hour off in the Old Town. We could buy some souvenirs or food. Its ashame. We didnt find any cool restaurants to eat fast food. There is only Pizza Hut which is not enjoyed by us and many expensive, exclusive restaurants. I wanted to buy sunglasses also but there are any shops with them. If we got time off somewhere diffrent, I could buy them.
Despite of these disadvantages Warsaw is very modern and beautiful...
Warsaw is more beautiful than my town but Toronto is the most beautiful. I wish I lived in Toronto right now.

im 13 ... yes but when i talk to her she just get all byset and stuff and she starts shouting at me for like no raeson. But i really thanks for ur reply.And how aold r u ?
I am 17 years old. Perhaps, you are a little bit youn for tatoo. Why do you want to have it? is it as important ;) ? I wanted to have a tatoo when i was younger also. But now I dont think I want to have a tatoo. It sometimes doesnt match to your clothes. I often change my styles so it would be difficult to do a tatto that matches to all my styles.
Yes.I started to learning English when I was six.It was quite long ago:P
Now I'm living in Kwidzyn. Small city about 100km from Gdańsk to south:)
And where do You live?
What have you heard about Kwidzyn? I hope nice things:)
I go to LO in my town..I'm in second class...
It's funny because my grandfathe was born in southern Poland. In Rabka, near Nowy Targ:)
Hi! My name's Ann. I live in Warsaw :) I love Centrum but i don't live in this district. Your english is very good. I want to improve my english that's way reading your note and writing mine :) i don't like eat in fast foods restaurants because it's not healthy but sometimes i eat :P (when i'm very hungry).
See U
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