2011-05-28 @ 20:30:29
Finally it's weekend :) Last week a had many tests, so I learned a lot. I hope pass all of them. Next week I'm going with my class on a trip. I hope it wiil be great. I will write about it when I come back. Bye
2011-04-23 @ 17:47:04
Hi! I've got a really good day so far. The weather today is so beautiful :) And the Easter is coming. I wish you a lot of sweets, easter bunnies, colored eggs and Happy Easter!!!
2011-04-06 @ 22:00:04
Hi!! Today I had got a terrible day in school. I had a history test and tommorow I will have an Eglish test. I've hope to pass exams. Now I'm going to learn. Bye :)
2011-03-28 @ 20:28:58
I don't know what I can write here... Now I'm doing my homework and then I'm going to read my book. I like the weather like today. The sun was shines :) I'm waiting for summer and holiday :) Bye
2011-03-16 @ 20:28:40
Hi! It's finally warmer. I'm happy that the cold winter has finished and the days are longer. People can go for a walk to the park or they can ride a bike. Now I'm waiting for summer and the brightening sun :)
2010-11-17 @ 21:23:16
Hi!! I don't know what I should write here. I'm so tired today. Now I'm doing my homework and I'm learning for my english test. I will write it tomorrow.Bye
2010-11-07 @ 22:10:35
Hi! Yesterday I met my friend. I haven't seen her for a long time. We were in Stary Browar all day. I had great time. Now I'm doing my homework. Bye
2010-10-22 @ 20:51:23
hello!!! It's me again. I don't know what I can write here... Today is friday and I have read a book when I came back from school. Now I must go because I must learn to the biology test. Bye!
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