School, School, School
2010-04-27 @ 19:49:02
Still school is on my mind all the time. A lot for exams, homeworks, everything. Hopefully next week will be free because of the graduation's exams. 6 days of doing nothing and being coach potato. I like that !
2010-04-21 @ 20:37:07
Recently everything is so boring. Nothing interesting happens. Every day at school is the same.
2010-04-11 @ 18:09:14
It's sunday afternoon and in spite of lying on the bed I have to be learning poem for Polish. Furthermore I have to learn some math for tommorow exam. Great
2010-04-05 @ 14:28:19
I'm glad that now I'm having easter holidays, because I needed to take a rest so I'm able to sleep to 12 and not to do anything. Great !
2010-03-21 @ 22:10:54
On Thursday I came back from Italy. I was having really good time. Now, unfortunately I have to learn a lot and catch up with exams.Luckly there are only five days of school and then break again because of the Easter !
2010-03-14 @ 12:22:59
At this moment I'm in Bergamo because I'm taking a part of students exchange with Italian school. So far I've been having really good time and it's hot here !
2010-02-24 @ 22:40:38
I'm having test tommorow and I have to understand html and get to know how to create website because now for me it's impossible and magic.
Hard day
2009-11-25 @ 20:15:24
Today I was having lessons from 8.45 a.m to 4.10 p.m . I'm tottally exhausted. I have no power to start learning to biology test., but unfortunately I must do it. Now I'm getting down to working. Bye
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