2013-08-26 @ 15:44:01
i completely don't know what i can write here.
today is Monday.. i think, i wrote that i hate Mondays!
just think.. you had a relaxing weekend, no problems, any issues and.. DING ! 6a.m., alarm clock, fast coffe, small sandwich and work, work, work.

sooo.. stop complain and move your work, joo !

how was your weekend?
2013-08-12 @ 15:30:01
i'm totally relaxed! i had lovely time with my friends and family.
it's great how free time makes me feel good.
but now is monday.. sucks.
only one good thing here is the weather, there is not too hot.
i can go for a walk without 5 liters of water :D

have a good rest of the day !
learning English
2013-08-09 @ 13:09:51
which method of learn is the best?
i need to improve my language skills like a grammar, speaking, writing (i do it here ;D )
do you know good books, films or websites to learn ?
as i can, i try read english text and write unknown word on paper.
last i found good website it's bbc - learning English.
maybe you have another one?

hello weekend
2013-08-09 @ 11:15:05
how did you begin the weekend?
are you on holiday or stuck in work?
i gonna spend my free time at home.. sucks ( i would like to go somewhere, anywhere ;p )
i'm just going to my friends tomorrow.
on sunday i'm planning completly relax and do nothing.. all day !
and it's whole my weekend plan.

do you prefer to spend time actively or take a rest ?
i definitely prefer take a rest :)

enjoy !

if i make mistake please give me comment about this
hot weather
2013-08-08 @ 15:10:51
hey everyone. how endure this very, very hot time?
i use windmill in my office..
i closed all windows here..
i drink much of water and eat ice-creams..
and... nothing! i'm sweating, sweating. ok, maybe i embellish a little ;D
today in my city is 36 degrees Celsius, i realy hate hot weather. the perfect for me is about 25-28, not more!

i hope you don't think, that i'm typical querulous Pole ;D

okej.. i finished my first post
if i make mistake please give me comment about this
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