2010-11-13 @ 15:34:18
I was in Wisła at my doctor's for the second time. He said that it's better with my health. This week was my birthday and i had several friend for dinner. I got a brand new watch from my mom :).
last week
2010-11-13 @ 15:29:51
I was sick again! Thats another week I was not in school. Because I was sick i didnt get to do anything.
3 weeks ago
2010-11-13 @ 15:26:38
I was at my grandparent's house for dinner. Nothing else happened, I only had a lot of studies and learning.
This week
2010-10-22 @ 20:53:15
This week i came back to chool, got several grades and wrote some tests. I was mostly learning but I found some time to go out with some friend. My little siter will be back in 7 weeks, i stopped missing her somehow :).
last week
2010-10-22 @ 20:51:08
Last week I was sick again. I didnt do anything but watch TV and sit before the computer. I had a lot of schoolwork to catch up with.
back to school & little holidays
2010-10-14 @ 22:16:42
This week I came back to scholl from an illness, again. As tipical school on some subjects it was interesting and on some i just couldnt wate for the end of the lesson.
On friday I went to see a doctor in Wisła- 420 km from Poznan. I stayed there 3 days, it was nice and relaxing.
2010-10-01 @ 19:39:30
I have several illneses that are related to my stomach. I havn't been in shcool because of them for the last four days and seven days two weeks ago. Because of this I dont have many grades.
Yesterday my sister flew out to the USA for an exchange program between her school and a school in America. I'm not missing her yet, actually im happy that she's gone but everyone is telling me I'll start soon.
2010-09-24 @ 13:21:03
Hi my name is Jakub. Im a student in the first grade of high school. I like swimming and riding on my bike. I play a lot of computer games. The latest game I've been playing is Aion.
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