Building a terrarium.
2011-01-16 @ 17:20:24
Welcome after break !

Sorry for this break but i had some problems with the Internet.
Firstly i was at my grandparents for Christmas and New Year's Eve so I didn't have access to the Internet. When we backed home found out that our contract for Internet delivery ended. So I have Internet 2 days.

But it is not about what I want to tell today.
I was ill so i had a lot of time to finish my terrarium. I made a wall with mortar and pigments, lighting and installed underfloor heating.

Now I have to buy plants and bowls for water and food.
Terrarium 2
2010-12-15 @ 22:40:08
This week i didn't have enough time beacouse i had a lot of exams. But today i did another stage of work. So firstly I drilled vents and openings for light holders. Secondly I screwed on ceiling and the front cap dipped. Tommorow I want to taped and sealed with glue everything. It's some new fotos.
building a terrarium
2010-12-08 @ 22:25:34
Now I will write a whole series of posts about building a terrarium with OSB. my terrarium will have 88 cm length, 55 cm height and 50 cm depth.
For this terrarium i bought OSB size 2500x1250 mm and 18mm thickness.I took the OSB to a carpenter and he cut me it to the dimensions.
First day of pre-drilled holes and turned OSB.
Here are some photos:
Caring for the animals.
2010-12-01 @ 20:52:37
I. Feeding.
Insects like sticks or leaves like usually eating leaves of blackberries or raspberries. Some of them like eating only green oak leaves. So you must give it them all the twings or leaves only.
You need to exchange the leaves every two days because they can not be withered.
II.Maintain humidity.
This insects live in rainforests so it must have high humidity in your terarium. To achieve this you need two times a day spray terrarium by sprayer.
Cleaning terrarium next time
Preparing terrarium 2
2010-11-26 @ 23:14:05
Hi !
Today i want to tell more about preparing terrarium for your insects.
5. You have to go out from home and look for something good to eat for your insecks. All of leaves and sticks insects like blackberrie's leaves. You wouldn't have many problems with find it beacouse it grows in all forests.
6. Now you have to spray your terrarium by water from the washer.
Next time I'll tell how to care for your pets.
Preparin the terrarium.
2010-11-24 @ 16:56:42
Today I will write how to prepare terrarium for rimary culture liśców and stick insects
To make it more readable I will write it in sections.
1. First terarium culture medium 6-8 individuals must have a minimum size 40X55X25 ,
2. At the bottom of terarium you must tip substrate I use chips from the outer shell of the coconut.
3. On the walls of the terrarium should be installed moisture-holding something that looks nice at the same time.
4. Inside terarium you have to put small jar with a small hole in the bottom where you will mount the food.
It's everything for today i will write more next week.
Vietnamese stick insect
2010-11-03 @ 22:19:34
Vietnamese stick insect ( Ramulus artemis )is one of the largest stick insect from family straszykowatych. He lives as the name suggests in Vietnam and is similar to bamboo. He likes to eat like other sticks to eat blackberries leaves. But it differs from some of the varieties that do not interfere with his hesitation temperature or humidity.
It is about 12 cm in length and live about one year.
Liśćiec dwuoki :P
2010-10-06 @ 18:33:36
Today i want to write something about insect what called Liściec dwuoki (Phyllium bioculatum).
In natural environment this animal lives in Sri Lanca, Jawa and Malezja. It's herbivores. Especialy, it like leafs of blackberries and oak.
It isn't venomous like snake or dangerous like tiger but it able to defend himself before eating. It looks like mimezja's leaf.This animal is so similar to a leaf that is not even imitate veins bulge what leafs have. In the adult stage what is called "imago" liściec is 8 to 9 cm long. Reproduced by depositing eggs (
sexually or partogeneticaly )
Photo of female Phyllium bioculatum.
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