Nothing special
2010-02-09 @ 08:43:52
I'm now in England, in one of the most beautifull countryside named Grange Hotel. I have there everything, as exellent restaurant throughout swimming pools and ending on fully eq. gym. All of rooms have AC, TV! They have a friendly staff. Recommend! Greetings, Tom.
Why trees are so important for humanity?
2010-01-04 @ 19:11:44
I think that trees are so important for all of us.
First reason is this, that trees protect us from ultraviolet radiation. Trees cut down amount of money we spend on warmth and colling.
They provide shelter and food for plants and animals. Trees reduce noise, dust and air pollution. And also reduce wind and soil erosion.
Most important reason is removing carbon dioxide from athmposphere by trees and relase oxygen.
I hope so that I convince you that trees are so important for animals, human, plants and all humanity.

My house...
2009-10-19 @ 22:51:41
My house is located in a block of flats. It is no other flat than rest of flats in block.
My flat is on the second floor. There is three riins, one kitchen, one bathroom and one lavatory.
First place after enter my house is hall. Opposite the entrance is a bathroom. Next to the bathrom is a lavatory.
First room on the right is living room where are the TV set and radio. Second doors on right side is my bedroom where I sleep and I play on a computer.
First room on the left side is my mother room where she sleeps. Farther than my mother room is kitchen. We eat there all meals. I've just presented all my house.
Event which I remember from my old school.
2009-10-05 @ 23:08:46
Event which I remember from my old school is day when my class organized Christmas Day. It was 17 December of the 2008 year. <br><p>
We had to go to school to prepare everything at 8.00 o'clock. First, we brought food and put them on the floor. Second we layder the tables. <br><p>
When the rest of my class came at 8.30, we could start. First, we distributed gifts between us and then we were eating and drinking things previously prepared. <br><p>
The Class Vigil ended about 12 a.m. After the event all class had to clean up class room. It took us about 15 minutes. Later, we could go to our homes. It is only one event which I remember from my old school.
The best day of my vacations.
2009-09-22 @ 09:13:59
I was on vacation with my older brother in Croatia. It was a holiday camp.
The beggining of a new day, like everyday, we woke up at about 8. a.m. and we went to the restaurant to eat breakfast. After breakfast we went to the beach and we were sunbathing and swimming in the Adriatic sea.
About 1 p.m. we had to return to our rooms in the hotel. From 1.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. we were resting. Meanwhile I was in town with friends, we came back before 4 p.m. At 4.30 p.m. we went to the restaurant to eat dinner. After the dinner we went to the beach again.
The day was boring until now. But at 10 p.m. our all camp went to the 'Pjana Party' organized by the 'Viagra' club. At the beggining we were drinking different alcohols, drinks and beer. We were waiting, until they switch on machine to create a foam. When they finally did it, we went to the dancefloor and we were dancing all in the foam. About 1.30 a.m unfortunately we had to return to the hotel. I took a shower and i Went to bed.
I think it was the best day of my vacations.
First note
2009-09-15 @ 22:59:12
Hello everyone!

I'm Jakub. And this is my en-blog.
This blog is my IT homework. I will
update my blog and write notes when
We should to do it (When our teacher will tell us about it).
Okay, I've already done my homework.
See you! Make peace!

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