Cat and Mouse in Partnership SECTION 1
2008-04-28 @ 16:04:35
A certain cat had made the acquaintance of a mouse, and had
said so much to her about the great love and friendship she
felt for her, that at length the mouse agreed that they should
live and keep house together. But we must make a provision
for winter, or else we shall suffer from hunger, said the cat,
and you, little mouse, cannot venture everywhere, or you will be
caught in a trap some day. The good advice was followed, and a
pot of fat was bought, but they did not know where to put it.
At length, after much consideration, the cat said, I know no place
where it will be better stored up than in the church, for no one
dares take anything away from there. We will set it beneath the
altar, and not touch it until we are really in need of it. So
the pot was placed in safety, but it was not long before the cat
had a great yearning for it, and said to the mouse, I want to
tell you something, little mouse, my cousin has brought a little
son into the world, and has asked me to be godmother, he is white
with brown spots, and I am to hold him over the font at the
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