one year later..;)
2011-01-02 @ 13:38:23
life is crazy, life is fun...
I can't believe it! I'm older but feel younger.
The strangest thing I notice, is that I always start with new year and my determination gets weaker with time.
My life is a piece of s***tin';) and I hope to tidy up a little bit.
Ready to help?
Happy New Year!
2009-01-03 @ 11:19:54
Yesterday I returned from small but great party. I love love love my best friend!
And when we touch the matter of shopping, I'm broke but when I see my new three items in the wordrobe I feel terribly happy;)
the time is passing too quickly...
2008-12-27 @ 20:52:55
I manage to watch only a few films but thet were good films and I had a lot of fun;)
Today I'm listening the top list in radio 3 and it's great, but my favourite is still Razorlight 'Somwhere else'.
Christmas was not great this time but at least I had enough sleep - I'm glad about that.
I'm still waiting impatiently for Monday when I will shop! shop! shop!
I have nothing to wear! Again! Plaza wait for me;)
Somwhere else
2008-12-17 @ 19:53:20
This is my favourite piece of music for today. I think I'm fed up of everything so I'm waiting impatiently for Christmas. Only two days left and peace, time for reading my best books and newspapers - I hope so...

kisses for everybody
2008-12-16 @ 19:26:05
It's almost like an advert but you will get a chance to read about my thoughts mainly. I'm not sure how it should look like but I try my best;)

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