A lot of apprehensions
2008-09-17 @ 23:30:10
At the begining my blog post I want say hello. I've got such a long break ;).
Lately (two months ago) I've meet a nice men. He has 24 years old and we started to make a dates.
Everythings was beatyfull but nothings to come easily. In october I will go up studies in another town witch is 100 km away from my town. Every singel day, exept weekend I will be commuter. In saturday and sunday I will be at work because I've must somethings eats sometimes. So I'm afreid that our relationship will not surrvaver. I know that we still be in contact but nothing will be the same. I know also that what must be will be.
Till next time :*

Well.. If it's love.. it will survive.
Well Kasiulka, I don't know... love isn't always enough. It may need spending time together to develop and continue.

As to this man, I'm in similar situation(or even worse cause I'll live out of the city) but I think that we'll get through this. I hope so will you :)
My bf lives thousands kilometres far away from me and its grt love!!! :D
Your luck ;P My boyfriend said it's great to us that we'll meet so rarely because we would kill each other if we spent more time together haha But to everyone else it's weird :P
Kill? lol hehe..
Well.. I don't know if thats good, I don't know him in person. I will..
What do you mean saying that you don't know him in person?
I've just never met with him in real
And he's your boyfriend? But you treat him seriously or not really? ;P You talk on the phone etc.?
Yes he is. We talked by phone, net and so on :D
We will meet soon..

(I'm little worried..)
Haha funny situation I must admit. But when you meet him you'll know if he really is your boyfriend or not :)
Yeah, I can't wait :D
But if he won't come it's also good. I have another plan haha...
Hahaha what's your plan?
This polish guy

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