*something about me :)
Hi! I'm Isabel. I'm sixteen. I love pets, especially dogs. I like dance, sport (I mean basketball and volleyball). hmm...what else? Maybe you'll learn about me something new when you'll reads my notes...:)

I'm also Isabel and sixteen but it's everything what is similar;)
A. Denied
Hello Iza.
You asked me what is my name, do you remember?
I'm Matt, hehe. See you.
A. Denied
Erm, I hope you don't mind, but I've added you to my Blogs-list. :D
Plzz add my page www.anglobiznes.pl to your links
chciałbym skontaktować się z autorem tego bloga - poszukuję ludzi chcących potestować nową aplikację do nauku j. angielskiego ... michal@lingapp.com

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