c...c...confused ;/
2009-05-14 @ 21:23:10
I was thinking a lot about my life and what I should do in the near future. It isn't as simply as I though. How do I know that nothing will happen to me?
The last while I was saying that nothing wrong can happen my father landed in the hospital and he was barely alive. oh, God, how close to death we are...
Today I was thinking about death too. It's maybe silly but I don't scare it as much as I was before my dad's "illness".
I'm weird, aren't I? heh ;p
Can you hear me?
2009-05-12 @ 21:21:14
I've been very busy lately so I hadn'e time for writing, sorry for that ;/
But... I don't think you were missing me, because there are so many writers here that I don't think anybody will feel emptiness after sb's long absence ;)
Recently I've been reading an English book. Maybe you know it. A title of this book is: Good night, beautiful. This is a story about a woman who has eight-year son. this boy is in coma. It's so beautiful that is causing tears... I was crying while reading it ;) I advise you to read it ;)

Bye for now ;)
Have a nice day ;D
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