that's scary.... ;(
2009-02-27 @ 13:14:43
Thank you very much for your advices, but... I think I'm not ready to tell the truth...
Any way I have sth different on my head now. My father is in hospital. He had a difficult operation and... I'm afraid of him. I don't want to lose my dad. Doctors are saying that everything will be good, but... probably threatening will last very long and he will be in a hospital bed on Easter!!! It's terrible!
I'm afraid of our future too... future of me, my mother and my siblings while he will be lying in hospital... I'm so scared!!!
I want to cry... ;(
2009-02-20 @ 16:40:38
I've watched one very interesting movie recently. That was a story about poor girl who wanted to be a singer. She must have been working to achieve her goals, but... many difficulties in her life fence her to lie. Having watched it I said that I'd never lie in order to achieve or hide sth. Today I realised that it isn't as simple as I thought ;( I lied sb, because I didn't want him to think bad or in another way as I want him to think about me. It was a little lie, or better - it was a hidden truth. What should I do??? I don't want to tell a truth... I'm scared what will people think about me ;(
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