2009-01-24 @ 21:51:15
I haven't been writing here, because I have a diary also in English. It's easier to write there, cause I don't need to have a computer ;)
I have a big family so my computer is still working and it's still "busy" with sb ;)

Well... I'm to tired to write anything else... Goodnight! ;D
2009-01-05 @ 20:39:51
Good bye free time!!!
New chores are waiting for us ;D
I have some time to write, but not too much ;)
I was in Brussel and all time I spent there was excellent! ;D

I want to improve my English ;)
When I'm looking at my old posts I've already done it ;D I'm proud of myself ;))

Wow! Now I can see that it's my first note in New Year so I wish you the best!!! ;D

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