I feel that...
2008-05-17 @ 10:54:21
...something is wrong. Something isn't as good as I want to be ;(
I'm sad. I don't know why. Everybody can see that and they ask me why. And I can't answer... I simple can't!
With my boyfriend is different... I don't know what he means to me, I'm really sad because of it ;(

But... I'm going to fly to Germany!!! ;D

That's all...
my plans on holiday :)
2008-05-06 @ 11:24:44
Today I want to tell you about my holiday's plans :)
So... as you know (from previous post) my aunt was calling to me. She said that I could go to her house (in Germany) on two weeks, but... only me. In this way my sister will be sad, because she won't go anywhere on holidays. That's why my mum said that I could go only if my sister would agree. I am sure that she won't agree. And I understand her, bacause it'll be my third time in German in this year! I was there on winterbreak, I'm going there to my friend in June and, if my sister will agree, to my aunt in Jyly. We'll see :)
I won't be angry with her if she don't agree, because I wouldn't be in her condition. ;)

And you?
Have you had already plans on holidays? ;D

bad day ;)
2008-05-02 @ 22:09:19
Yesterday my two best friends were in my house. I put them up, hihi :) It was really funny night.
We were talking about everything: about love, friendships, friends and family... We have taken many photos... We are crazy :) Girls, I love you!!!
I'm sorry that I write so bad, but I have something different in my head :)

Today I had nothing to do. I was bored all day. And now I'm tired... I think I should go to bed. GOODNIGHT!!! :*

PS. Thanks you for your comments :)
PS.2 My aunt was calling, she said sometning, but about it I'll write next time :)
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