happyness :D
2008-04-25 @ 21:32:30
I'm sorry :) I'm really sorry that I haven't been here for so long time :) I couldn't

I have written that I fall in love with sb :) And I always think about HIM! It's strange, because we've met two weeks ago! It's funny, isn't it?

So... in previous days I have learnt, learnt and... think about my LOVE :) I get very good mark today :) And I'm really happy :) Everything is OK. I have nothing to say :) Only that I'm happy, very very happy.

Ok, I must end because it's really boring, isn't it? I think that sb's happy is reason to jelaous (I've read about it) so, bye!

I wish you all HAPPY days (like mine)!!!
I fall in love <3
2008-04-20 @ 13:58:46
On 9th April I had a disco. Boys from other school invited us to their party. I went there only because I promised it to my friend. I didn't want to go there, but... I did it. I thought that I would be there only one hour, but... I've known somebody. We were dancing together and I liked him. Next day he wrote to me :) And that's how we started. Then we was on next party and... I fall in love with him! It's amazing, but I think that this is love from first sight (is this good name for it? it doesn't matter...)

I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
base unit :)
2008-04-09 @ 09:12:27
Finaly I'm here...
I have so much to do, so I haven't got any time to write, sorry
I have lesson now so I must end, but I'll try to write when I come back home, bye!
it's terrible
2008-04-02 @ 09:25:14
Finaly I'm here again :)

I haven't any free time recently. I was learning and dancing (dance is my next hobby)

Few days ago my friend... died. and I'm very sad because of it. He hanged himself... it's terrible...

I've no time to write, sorry... I hope you'll understand me... :(
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